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Car hire at Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel Airport

You’re arriving in Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city with its biggest port. Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, we’ll make car hire easy so you can be on your way quickly. We’ll be waiting to meet you at the Avis car rental counter in Terminal 2, on the Arrivals level. The terminal is closed between midnight and 5:00 am.

At the end of your trip, please return your Avis hire car to the Rental Car Centre (Mietwagenzentrum). If you’re using GPS you should enter ‘Hans-Grade Weg’. Parking areas are located in the Rental Car Centre on levels 4 and 5, opposite the P5 multi-storey car park and just 200 metres walk from the Avis counter. Please be aware that no parking is allowed directly in front of the terminals.


Planning your trip from Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel Airport

Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel Airport is located 8.5 km north of the Hamburg city centre. The drive will take you about 25 minutes.

Hamburg’s title of ‘Gateway to the world’ reflects its history as a centre of international trade since the middle ages, when it joined the Hanseatic League. Discover the charm of its maritime heritage, reflected in the city’s architecture, culture and cuisine. An Avis car rental gives you full flexibility to explore during your city break.

Start your tour at Hamburg's harbour. The pier of St. Pauli is a major attraction with numerous dining facilities, entertainment venues and shops. It’s also the departure point for harbour pleasure cruises and boats to the Theater im Hafen for performances of Disney’s Lion King. The famous Altona fish market is also close by. Get up early on Sunday morning to see the Marktschreier (market criers) loudly advertising their wares and entertaining the crowds. Next door in the Fischauktionshalle (Fish Auction Hall) live bands perform German pop songs.

For upscale shopping head to the Alsterarkaden and the Jungfernstieg. This area is particularly lovely at dusk, with the lights of downtown reflected in the harbour waters.

In central Hamburg Mahnmal St-Nikolai another famous landmark. Take the glass lift up to the 76.3m-high viewing platform surviving spire for excellent all-round views of Hamburg's centre. Other interesting attractions include the Hamburger Kunsthalle (art gallery) and the Maritime Museum.

Road trips from Hamburg

Head off in your Avis hire car to discover the countryside surrounding Hamburg.

Hagenbeck Zoo
For over 100 years, this zoo has delighted visitors of all ages with over 1,850 animals from every continent. Other highlights include pony rides, a fairyland miniature railway, petting zoo and the Eismeer – a polar wonderland with polar bears, seals, walrus and penguins. The park opens late on Summer evenings for special events. It is around 30 minutes’ drive from the city centre.

Miniatur Wunderland
Located in the historic warehouse district about 15 minutes’ drive from the city centre, Miniatur Wunderland is a hit with adults and children alike. Its model railway is the largest in the world, but most impressive is the functioning model of Hamburg’s airport – including a model plane that swoops in to land on the runway. Book online to avoid the queues at weekends.

Vierlande and Marschlande
10 km southeast of Hamburg, the Vierlande and Marschlande are fertile, low-lying regions between the River Elbe and the geest heathland. An area full of interesting landscapes,and quaint small towns, its great driving country. Billwerder is a popular destination, it’s close to the Boberg dunes and the Achtermoor bird sanctuary. Don’t miss the old church of St. Nicholas and the the 13th-century Schloss Bergedorf.

Imagine exploring all this in comfort in your Avis hire car. Just the open road ahead. Make it a memorable trip to Hamburg with an Avis hire car.

Driving rules in Germany

Which side of the road?
In Germany, please drive on the right side of the road.

Country driving laws
  • Mobile phones may only be used with a headset or hands-free device
  • At crossroads or junctions in urban areas, you have the right of way if there is a road sign with a yellow diamond at the intersection. A white triangle with a red border indicates you must wait for the oncoming traffic to clear
  • Be aware that on unrestricted motorways (autobahns) you can still get a speeding ticket for driving too fast for the prevailing traffic or weather conditions
  • A number of German cities have low emission zones that require you to have a special permit to drive through them
  • In cities, if you see a blue sign with white car, children and bike symbols on it, you must drive at walking speed
  • If you're caught committing a driving offence, the police can issue an on-the-spot fine

Speed limits
All speed signs will be in km/h.

For a standard Avis rental vehicle with no trailers:
  • Urban areas: 50km/h (30 mph)
  • Rural areas: 100km/h (62 mph)
  • Motorways (autobahns): None unless shown. 130km/h (80 mph) is the suggested maximum
Unless indicated by road signs.

Child safety / Seatbelt laws
  • It is compulsory for the driver and all passengers to wear a seatbelt
  • Children aged under 12 and less than 150cm tall must be seated in an appropriate child restraint for their size
Please note, it is the child’s parent/guardian or vehicle renter’s responsibility to fit the child seat.

This road rules information is for provided for general guidance only. We endeavour to keep the information up to date and accurate, but any reliance you place on this information is at your own risk.