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Avenues Route

Germany's Avenues Route

Picture yourself on a sunny weekend with the top down, cruising tree-lined avenues, the flashing sun filtered through the leaves.

Saale-Unstrut Wine Route

Germany's Wine Route

Explore Europe’s most northerly wine route, where sturdy forts and majestic castles gaze down on picturesque river valleys.

Bertha Benz Memorial Route

Bertha Benz Memorial Route

This charming route takes you through the famous asparagus and wine-growing areas in Baden, towns steeped in history, and past formidable castles.

Castle Route

The German-Czech Castle Route

Visit 90 different castles and palaces on a magical trip with over 1,100 kilometres of fairy-tale sights and scenery.

German Toy Route

Germany's Toy Route

The German Toy Route runs from Erfurt to Nuremberg, passing through the heartland of traditional German toymaking.

German Fairy Tale Route

Germany's Fairy Tale Route

Retrace the footsteps of the Brothers Grimm and expect pure driving pleasure on winding country roads through stellar scenery.

Palaces Route

Germany's Palaces Route

A horse-drawn carriage might be the most appropriate vehicle of choice for this route, but even in a car it's a journey fit for a king.

German Technology Route

Germany's Technology Route

From the Belgian border to Thuringia, this route showcases tradition and innovation and what “Made in Germany” means today.

Romantic Road

Germany's Romantic Route

We all long for the authenticity of a pure, unspoilt environment and the drive from Wertheim to Weikersheim is as good as it gets.

Route of Emperors and Kings

The Emperors and Kings route

Take an epic trip along the Danube from Regensburg in Bavaria to Budapest, through scenic landscapes, past local attractions and historic sites.

German Alpine Road

Germany's Alpine Road

Green meadows, jagged peaks, crystal-clear lakes and gently undulating foothills ... the Alps blend pristine natural beauty and age-old traditions with state-of-the-art tourist infrastructure.

Romantic Rhine River

Germany's Romantic Rhine River

A river steeped in myths and legend. Rheingold and the Ring of the Nibelung, the folklore of medieval castles ... discover the Rhine and its scenic hinterlands.

Silver Route

Silver Route

Silver was mined as early as the 12th century in the region between the towns of Zwickau and Dresden and the Czech border. These days the Ore Mountains are best explored by car.

Glass Route

Germany's Glass Route

Time seems to stand still in the forests of the Oberpfalz and Bavaria … but here high-tech manufacturing meets traditional craftsmanship.

Germany's Moselle River Route

Germany's Moselle River Route

The river runs deep; your heart quickens as you sip the wine grown on the steep hillsides dotted with traces of Roman civilisation. Feel the weight of history carried on the currents of the Moselle.

Austrian Romantic Road

Austria's Romantic Route

Pristine lakes, irresistible Alpine panoramas and world-class cultural attractions will be your cherished memories of Austria’s most popular scenic route.

USA: From Boca Raton to Key West

USA: From Boca Raton to Key West

There is nothing ordinary about a road trip through the Florida Keys. Your route takes you along the Overseas Highway which links the islands together like a chain.