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Car hire in Trondheim

There are different roads to Trondheim - so pick the one that is the best for you. We’ve got a number of Avis car hire locations that make it easy for you to get straight on the road.
When you fly into Trondheim Airport in Vaernes, you can pick up your Avis hire car at our onsite rental office. Our team will help you pick out the best car for your needs – or you can investigate our wide range of available vehicles when you book online. We also have a rental office in Trondheim city center, on Kjøpmannsgata 34.
When you’ve picked up your car, make your way into town via the E6. You'll arrive at the third largest city in Norway, Trondheim has over 177,000 inhabitants.
On your route you’ll see the administrative centre for South-Trondelag County, a well-established facility that oversees all of Central Norway. In the city itself you will also find the second largest university in Norway – NTNU.
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Car hire Trondheim

Plan your trip in Trondheim

Nidaros Cathedral - Norway's national shrine which was built over Saint Olav’s holy grave - is an old monastery and a famous attraction.

Bakklandet, Trondheim's old town, is located in the east by the river Nidelven. Here you'll find picturesque streets with old wooden buildings, initially built to house local industry workers, today these are beautiful homes, shops and restaurants.

Vitensenteret is the science district of the city.  If you are travelling with children it offers them a number of exhibitions and attractions.

If you like fishing, then visit Nidelven. It is one of the best salmon and trout rivers in Norway. You need a fishing licence  to fish in the river itself, but you can fish free of charge from the bridge and in the bay.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of restaurants and nightlife, Trondheim fits the bill. The city has the most restaurants in Norway – and here you can find something for every taste and every budget.

Follow the Pilgrim’s route

For an energetic expedition, you can follow the Pilgrim’s Route, also known as the Old King’s Road. The main route is 640 kilometres – starting in the ancient part of Oslo and ending in Trondheim.

You can walk the many different parts of the pilgrim route, admiring the beautiful scenery and marveling in the fact that this route was first walked in 1021 AD by King Olav.

Discover all that Trondheim has to offer with an Avis hire car – book online today.

Driving rules in Norway

Which side of the road?
In Norway, please drive on the right side of the road.

Country driving laws
  • Winter tyres are mandatory between November and April.
  • Mobile phones may only be used with a headset or hands-free device
  • Give way to traffic approaching from the right. You have the right of way if there is a road sign with a yellow diamond at the intersection
  • Trams always have right of way.
  • In Oslo, electric vehicles are allowed to use bus lanes.
  • Dipped headlights must be used at all times
  • If you're caught committing a driving offence, the police can issue an on-the-spot fine

Speed limits
All speed signs will be in km/h.

For a standard Avis rental vehicle with no trailers:
  • Urban areas: 50 km/h (31 mph)
  • Rural areas: 90 km/h (55 mph)
  • Motorways: 110 km/h (80 mph)

Unless indicated by road signs.

Child safety / Seatbelt laws
  • It is compulsory for the driver and all passengers to wear a seatbelt
  • All children must be seated in an appropriate child restraint for their size
  • Children under 4 years old must travel in an appropriate rear-facing child seat for their size

Please note - It is the child’s parent / guardian or vehicle renter’s responsibility to fit the child seat.

This road rules information is for provided for general guidance only. We endeavour to keep the information up to date and accurate, but any reliance you place on this information is at your own risk.